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January 27th, 2007]
Coming back in February 2007!
[I'm getting a new computer!]
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Crossing Jordan Mood Theme [Sunday,
October 2nd, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]

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Crossing Jordan Icons & Wallpaper [Sunday,
August 14th, 2005]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Since I've been making all these icons I've come up with a lot of alternates that use the same picture. Here are some of the alternates that I've come up with along with some new ones (plus a swank Nigel wallpaper!). Examples:

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Leno ebay Item [Tuesday,
July 12th, 2005]
[ mood | amused ]

This ebay item was on Leno a couple weeks ago in a segment he's been doing lately about strange items people put up for auction. My sister and brother were on ebay and were searching for things we had seen on the show and found this: possum fur nipple warmers... And the fact they are made of possum fur is just...!

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TV Show Themed Icons [Saturday,
May 28th, 2005]
[ mood | creative ]

I'm trying to get things more organized on my computer so I decided to finally dump a handful of icons I've made here. Alias, Crossing Jordan, Las Vegas, and a couple from Lost and 24...Many more to come soon.

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Resources & Credits [Tuesday,
May 24th, 2005]
[ mood | thankful ]

I was lazy before but have finally compiled my list of all the resources I use in the things I make so here it is: resources & credits listCollapse )

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Top Ten [Friday,
April 1st, 2005]
[ mood | awake ]

I thought Letterman's Top Ten List tonight was pretty good (and true in a lot of ways) so I thought I'd share:

Top Ten Signs You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

10. You always fall asleep on airplanes--and you're the pilot.
9. Can't even stay awake for the two minuntes it takes to have sex.
8. You're so fatigued, you get winded chewing gum.
7. When asked to describe yourself, most people say "Lethargic Sumbitch".
6. Your typical lunch: coffee grounds on whole wheat.
5. You schedule unnecessary surgery just for the three hours of general anesthetic.
4. (Writers too tired to write number four)
3. You take naps at work--only problem, you sleep in the nude.
2. Duties as President limit you to a mere 11 hours a night.
1. You're beginning to think Michael Jackson might be innocent.

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